Value-adding Access Control System for Wired and Wireless Networks
How does it work? - As seen from the network owner's view
Okeanos installation and use is very simple. The Okeanos system consists of the OkeanosBox, the OkeanosCACD (Central Access Control Database) and access to the web-based OkeanosMS (Management System). The OkeanosBox is small form factor box of 1U height, suitable for installation in server rooms or anywhere your network is terminated. It has two network connectors; one connects to your Okeanos protected network and the other to your network's gateway to the Internet.
Plug and Play
Connect the box, configure your welcome page, define your access products, and off you go! When an attempt for web access from your Okeanos controlled network is detected, the Okeanos system will instead show your own welcome page, and prompt the user for a valid access code.
Obtaining Network Access
The user obtains and possibly pays for an access key from an "access dealer" of the network. Different types of access keys and time lengths can be defined by the local network manager. The access dealer service can for instance be provided at the reception desk of the building or by selling pre-printed access cards from stores and shops nearby. The user enters the key - and net access is provided. Can it be simpler - no more fickling with MAC-based access control lists and key management and distribution!
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Okeanos I call, whose nature ever flows, from whom at first both Gods and men arose; sire incorruptible, whose waves surround, and earth s all-terminating circle bound: hence every river, hence the spreading sea, and earths pure bubbling fountains spring rom thee.
- Part of Orphic Hymn 83 to Okeanos ©2009 AS